As a person’s final resting place, a coffin should be of the highest quality, made from the finest materials and assembled by the most skilled hands. At Bowley Funeral Service, we’re proud to supply beautiful funeral coffins, meticulously designed down to the most minute of details. 

If you need help choosing a coffin, then our team is on hand to give you the advice and support you need. We understand it’s no easy task, and so we’ll make sure we assist you in making the right choice, from choosing a finish to deciding on a traditional or an eco-friendly coffin. We’re also providers of themed coffin designs; if there’s an element of the deceased’s personality that you’d like to highlight – perhaps a hobby, a favourite sports team or simply a favourite colour – we can arrange for a bespoke coffin.


Caskets are different from coffins only in shape; a coffin is tapered at the shoulder with a removable lid, and a casket is rectangular with a hinged lid. At Bowley Funeral Service, we can supply our customers with sublime hardwood caskets and mahogany caskets so that your loved one can be laid to rest in beautiful surroundings. For those with smaller budgets, we also offer affordable caskets – a lower price, but of no lesser quality.

If you’d like to know more about our funeral caskets and coffins, or if you’d like to buy a coffin or casket, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. It is our honour to serve the communities of Hassocks and the surrounding area, and we’re always here to help.