Religious Funerals

If religion played an important part in a person’s life, then they may well want a religious funeral, and at Bowley Funeral Service we can organise and facilitate the perfect religious funerals across Hassocks and the surrounding areas.

We strive to meet every wish of the deceased and their families, from coffins and caskets to music and readings. We’ve organised Hindu funerals, Christian funerals, Muslim funerals, Requiem Mass services and Humanist funeral services, so we have the experience to take care of every aspect of your religious funeral. Whether you have a location in mind – a place of worship such as a church or a temple or a crematorium – or you’d like some assistance choosing a resting place for your loved one, we’re here to help you. Should you choose a cremation, we can help you find a place to scatter the ashes, should you need it.

Our team will be on hand to offer any advice you need, and we can help you contact celebrants and ministers who can further guide you through choosing things like readings, music, liturgy and the order of the service. For more information about our religious funeral and memorial services, or for advice and support through such a difficult time, please contact Bowley Funeral Service today.