Bespoke Funerals

A funeral is an occasion focused around remembering someone who has passed, and of course everybody in attendance will be thinking of them during the service. A bespoke funeral, though, is a service with an extra element of personalisation to reflect the person being laid to rest. 

Bespoke funeral services from Bowley Funeral Service can include a range of features based around the deceased’s personality, hobbies, life and anything else that made them special. From themed funeral transport to bespoke coffins and caskets, we can cater for the unique requirements of a bespoke funeral and ensure it’s a perfect representation of the deceased.

We can come to your home or a place of your convenience to discuss your bespoke funeral requirements, offering support and guidance in addition to our professional funeral services. If you’d like to arrange a discussion, or to find out more about us, please contact us today – we proudly serve Hassocks and its surrounding areas.